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Experience, expert know-how and a desire to share is what makes American Hair Loss Council members so special.  The Link magazine is the recognized publication-of-choice when it comes to expressing ourselves and reaching out to the hair restoration community. In return, the recognition our contributors receive from being published in The Link magazine demonstrates their credibility and allows them to be publicly recognized as a leader in their field.

Not only do AHLC members have first-access to our premium publication, but each member is encouraged to share their vast wealth of knowledge and experience and contribute editorially. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether  personal tips and how-to articles or editorial and opinion pieces, there’s nothing like the voice of experience.

Quality Advertisers

As an industry, we have had more than our fair share of unbelievable products sporting unbelievable claims. The Link magazine is advertiser-supported and each advertiser is subject to the AHLC’s unparalleled standards and code of ethics. An ad in The Link is only highly targeted advertising, it is also an endorcement of quality and a mark of acceptance from the best-of-the-best. Please contact us by email to request a Media Kit to learn about advertising in The Link.


We’d love to hear from you. Editorial contributors should contact us and request our Article Submission Guidelines which provides a rough framework for submitting an article to The Link magazine such as types of articles we accept, word count, as well as helpful reader demographics.

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