There is no better place to learn about Hair Restoration than our Annual Conference. Advanced AHLC Sponsored, Two-Hour Classes are taught Saturday May 4. Vendor Sponsored, One-Hour Classes, are taught Sunday and repeated on Monday so that you don't miss a thing. Class schedules are provided to attendees in advance to better plan your educational experience.


In-Depth Business Development Courses, taught by Industry Experts. Choose from 9 different 2-hour classes, each taught by successful hair restoration specialists and business owners. FREE to registered conference attendees.

Q&A with The Experts

Moderated by Keith Zimmerman, Keith’s Hair Center, Green Bay, WI

This session is all about interaction and learning from each other. We will be tackling the most common problems that leave you frustrated, or even worse, with inconsistent results. This panel will offer practical solutions from an insider perspective. Learn what works from each presenters' personal experience in the hair restoration industry. The objective of this session is to clarify and embed take-away ideas, and make them relevant to you in your own business. Topics will include: Marketing, Selling, Service and Business issues.

Hair System Customization & Repair

Celia Serrano, Specialist in Hair Replacement design, licensed cosmetologist and Manager of CHRISTINE PUSATERI SOLUTIONS

Celia will demonstrate techniques in base repair using recycled products available at your studio. Learn various methods of knotting hair, how to add tape tabs, and how to add length and temples to stock systems. Take advantage of the knowledge of this master craftsman.

Helping Women with Special Hair Loss Issues

Bobbi and Brian Russell are owners of Hair Therapy For Women in Tampa Florida Bobbi is an AHLC Certified Master Hair Replacement Specialist and a Certified Clinical Trichologist from the World Trichology Society.

Bobbi and Brian are sharing specific ideas on how to handle potential guests with special hair loss needs like trichotillomania, telogen effivium (situational hair loss), chemotherapy, medical hair loss, alopecia areata and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

Navigating Health Insurance for Cranial Prostheses

Jamela Hodgson, CFm, owner of A Special Place Wigs in Greensboro, NC and Roanoke, VA, has been an insurance billing specialist for over 20 years – the last 15 years specifically in the field of medical hair loss

Do you have clients ask if you accept their insurance? Have you wondered if accepting insurance would increase your business? Have you thought about becoming a provider, but don’t know where to start?

Jamela will explain:

  • What is involved in becoming an insurance provider.
  • The “pros and cons” of becoming a provider, and how to determine if it is a smart move for your business.
  • What steps to take to become a provider with various insurance companies.
  • How to successfully file claims and get paid
  • How to help your clients with their insurance if you are not a provider

Managing the Emotions of Hair Loss

Regina Villemure, Children With Hair Loss

We'll talk specifically about how to work with the emotions of hair loss and learn how to make the consultation less stressful for both the stylist and the client.  From Chemotherapy, Burns, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, and other rare hair loss causing conditions. We'll cover everyone from very young kids through adults.

Increase Sales With Professional Trichology Consultations

Martina Candido, Biologist, Chief of Scientific and Trichological Department

Take your sales to the next level by providing professional trichological consultations. Learn how to take scientific data, create specific protocols, and the best way to communicate this information with your clients in a professional manner. The skills from this type of consultation will educate your clients on their current scalp and hair conditions and allow you to achieve positive results together.

The Business Side of Beauty: Meet Meevo 2

John Harms, Founder and CEO of Millennium Systems International

Join John as he showcases the newest cloud software, Meevo 2, which takes Millennium into the cloud! The secret to a well-organized and successful salon is the technology used behind the scenes to run it. Meevo 2 helps you set goals, track goal achievement through personalized dashboards, and automates front desk processes – giving your team more time to focus on the client experience and ultimately increasing your bottom line. Our goal is to better support the industry through leading technology and innovation. This session is sure to place you on a path for growth by focusing on the Key Performance Indicators that you should be tracking!

The Art of a Really Good Women's Cut-In

Bobbi Russell - Master Hair Addition Specialist and Clinical Trichologist Marina Westover - easihair pro Master Trainer, Revive Specialist and Salon Owner Katherine (KD) Cobb - easihair pro Trainer, Certified Hair Addition Specialist and Color Educator 

Putting on additional hair is only half the skill needed to create completely seamless natural looking hair. Bobbi will show you the tips and tricks that will change the way you cut in your additional hair forever.

Mane Attraction Live!

Shelby Ford, Wholesale Director

Help your clients regain their confidence while increasing your bottom line. Learn mission-based marketing and stylist techniques to increase your social media following, make more money and gain a reputation as a hair loss expert.


We're posting class descriptions the moment they become available, so check back often and refresh this page in your browser.

Building Long Term Clients with Laser Therapy

Grant Gunderson, Director of Professional Sales

  • How laser therapy works and how to achieve the best possible results
  • How to attract younger clients by offering LLLT
  • How to make more money with LLLT
  • Beyond the Basics: getting more from laser sales with the greatly improved Density product line
  • Selling laser to your hair replacement clients
  • Introduction to the latest laser devices

Be #1 in your Market: Stand Out with an Effective Branding Strategy.

By Holly Slear and Michael Leigh

  • Branding is all about You AND the Brands You Sell
  • What makes you Brand-worthy?
  • Why leveraging your selected vendor brand(s) give you an advantage
  • What makes a Brand-worthy Vendor-Partner?
  • Today’s dilemma #1:  Buying factory direct versus choosing a known brand
  • Today’s dilemma #2:  Competing with online and clients price-shopping
  • Today’s dilemma #3:  What happens when something goes wrong – customer complaints
  • What are the Brand values you want to be associated with?
  • What drives your customers – price, performance, empathy, knowledge, services?
  • Branding Tools:  Packaging, display, POS
  • Stand out in social Media
  • What is YOUR tagline?

Critical Thinking: Set Yourself Apart in a Saturated Market

Sherri Renée, Master Hair Architect/Designer & Fine Artist

Let’s face it. Hair can be bought and sold anywhere. With online wig shops, hair direct retailers, and even our very own vendors selling on the internet, how do you prevail and brand yourself? In a nutshell, it comes down to differentiation through expert and client advocacy, providing customer-based personalized experience and offering customized design solutions.

Learn the pillars of differentiation to gain “brand equity” and ultimate satisfaction in our competitive and often times generic hair loss industry. It is more obtainable than you may think.

The Ever Changing Men’s Market

Brandie Reyes – American Hairlines Educator

How to be prepared for the open-minded millennial and his evolving, educated approach to his hair loss solutions; both non-surgical hair replacement as well as ready-to-wear options.

  • Techniques to achieve looks that are fashionable and relevant
  • Overcoming the taboos of past generations
  • Preparing your studio for the younger clientele

American Hairlines is very proud to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year. Our longevity is due to consistent unsurpassed quality, innovative design and superior customer service.