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There is no better place to learn about Hair Restoration than our Annual Conference.

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In-depth Business Development Courses, taught by your AHLC Certified Masters. Choose from 8 two-hour classes, each taught by successful hair restoration specialists and business owners. Members helping members… Master Session Classes are also FREE to registered conference attendees.

Q&A with The Experts
Ricky Knowles, Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, Houston Collette Peterson, La Jolla Hair Clinic, San Diego Keith Zimmerman, Keith’s Hair Center, Green Bay, WI This session is all about interaction and learning from each other. We will be tackling the most common problems that leave you frustrated, or even worse, with inconsistent results. This AHLC Master Certified panel will offer practical solutions from an insider perspective. Learn what works from each presenters' personal experience in the hair restoration industry. The objective of this session is to clarify and embed take-away ideas, and make them relevant to you in your own business. Topics will include: Marketing, Selling, Service and Business issues. Submit your questions for our panel in advance on the AHLC Discussion Forum by clicking the educators' pic (above).
How To Run A Successful All Women’s Hair Addition Studio
Bobbi and Brian Russell, Owners, Hair Therapy for Women, Tampa, FL Brian and Bobbi Russell have owned and operated Hair Therapy For Women in Tampa Florida for 13 years. Come join them as they take you through their journey of what has made their all Womens business successful.
Patti Wood, Owner, Off 5th Ave Salon, Bradenton, FL • How look for and detect skin cancers on your clients • Setting yourself up for success in a trichology business • My personal story and experience in the industry • How to finally say goodbye to a problem client • And More.
Treating Female Hair Loss with ITHL; Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Results
Amnon Zakay, Raz International Inc., San Diego ITHL Involves sowing a custom hair addition to the client's own hair over the perimeter line. The method requires no shaving or adhesives and Is permanent and secure. The low-risk nature of the ITHL procedure allows clients to proceed confidently because existing hair Is not damaged or removed. ITHL produces a natural look and maintains exceptional comfort and client satisfaction. 1. Overview 2. Critical Issues in consulting (Manage expectations). 3. Designing the first hair addition 4. Effective business practice - reputation and management 5. Demonstration & Q&A
Hair Extensions for Curly Hair Types
Nancy V Brown, NV My Hair, Atlanta and Boston Hair Additions for a variety of different hair types, from straight, soft curly patterns, deep waves and kinky curly hair. With more clients experiencing hair loss concerns across the nation it has become even more important to place our focus on expanding our on international professional level of hair education and advanced technique knowledge. Attendees will learn braided and braid-less techniques, dos and don’ts for Curly hair types, safe methods for braiding techniques to avoid traction alopecia, taught by Celebrity Hair Stylist and AHLC Master Certified Hair Loss Expert Nancy V Brown.
Working with Millennials
Kelly Nemitz, Owner, The Hair Specialists, Hudson OH A class presented by a business owner, a fellow stylist in the trade and also a Millennial. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain insight to your Millennial employees and how they can be key to the overall success of the business. • Create a healthy working environment for you and your Millennials • Tips on how to manage, motivate and address your staff • Insight into the Millennial mind
Mastering the Art of Hair Extensions
Mastering the Art of Hair ExtensionsSponsored by HairArt/House of European Hair
Tami Mayorga, Owner, The Talk of The Town, Santa Maria CA Tami will teach three methods of hair extensions using European hair: InvisiTab tape in, Fusion application, I-tips and Clip-in hair. Tami will explain which methods work best for certain hair type, how to achieve a seamless blend and how to make them last longer.
Integrated marketing for Hair Loss Professionals
Flora Fuentes, Owner, Unique Hair Concepts, Ardsley, NY In today’s marketplace only the strongest survive.  To build a strong customer base, your marketing plan should include all facets of media.  Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. It's making sure that you are being consistent in your marketing both online and offline. While consumer purchasing behavior changes overtime, the methods by which you can convey your message has to evolve. Learn the differences between marketing through different media channels, the limitations of each channel, and how to balance your media message amongst all channels. Learn some tips and tricks to better market your business. This class will include an interactive question and answer session, where attendees are encouraged to share their own effective marketing techniques to learn from one another.
Hair Attachments for Women: The Dos And Don'ts
Doris Yu, Owner, House of European Hair Weaving and cylinder, how & when. This class will feature the traditional and advance techniques on how and when to attach hair pieces for women. Also, the training will allow participants to learn how to bleach the knots of the lace pieces for a more natural look.
Capture New Clients in the Beginning Stage of Hair Loss
Lisa Minervini, VP Product Development/Branding Alicia Giglio, VP of Sales Diana Ford, Education Manager 46% of female clients experiencing hair loss are in the beginning stage Learn how to identify who she is, what she is looking for and address her needs. We will show you how to attract this new emerging client and partner with her through her entire hair loss journey. We will show the many solutions available, a live consultation, cut in and actionable steps that address the need in this developing market.
Revive the Fun, YOU and your Guests are Longing For!
Bobbi Russell, Master Hair Addition Specialist and Clinical Trichologist Marina Westover, ehp Master Trainer, Revive Specialist & Salon Owner KD Cobb, ehp Trainer, Certified Hair Addition Specialist, Color Educator Designing and creating the fun looks your guests are searching for with multiple hair addition pieces. One main reason guests will leave you, AND your salon, is because they are simply bored with their hairstyle! Let the ehp team bring the excitement back by demonstrating how easy it is to create stylish and youthful looks using hair addition pieces and fun cut and color techniques.
Providing the Appropriate Solutions for Women With Hair Loss
Hannah Reid – American Hairlines Educator How to offer stress-free solutions for women experiencing any level of hair loss with options including ready-to-wear wigs, seamless top of head alternatives and non-surgical hair replacement options. Multiple options. Multiple attachment methods. Minimal to detailed customization based on your client’s specific needs. We have the solution.
The Missing Link: How To Add 600 Hairs To Growing Hair In An Hour
Lindsey Reinke, Educator, International Hair Goods Do you have thinning hair clients who are not ready to wear a hair system? How about ones that don’t qualify for a transplant? Learn how you can service these clients by adding Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair to their own growing hair. This patented technique allows you to go places on the head that extensions can’t go! For more information on what Micro Point can do for both your clients and your business join us in our educational class. (Please note: this is not a certification course).
What Is The Cause Of Hair Loss: Decipher Fact From Fiction
Educator: Dr Rajesh Rajput, M.S., M. Ch., Dr. Rajput answers the questions that trichologists and other hair loss specialists have been asking. For more information on these topics and more come join us for a brief overview on the causes of hair loss. Hair Fact is the only clinically proven supplement program to be clinically evaluated against prescription medications. For more information on these topics and more come join us for a brief overview on the causes of hair loss.
Learn From The Leaders
Johnny Plant, Artistic Director for Evolve Hair Solutions. Cutting and style techniques for extensions & hair systems. Learn how you can make your client’s look totally natural, sexy and beyond their expectations. Attend the Evolve class and watch the Plant’s work their magic while sharing some of their secrets with you. Johnny and Carolyn Plant own The Plant’s Salon in Amarillo TX. They have worked side-by-side for over 25 years making women look and feel beautiful. Six years ago, they transformed their salon into a very successful hair enhancement and restoration center. Johnny is personally responsible for designing the Evolve Extensions+ Easy Loops. He also developed a haircutting method for extensions and hair systems. Johnny has served on many artistic teams for leading manufacturers throughout his career. He has appeared in major shows in the US, Canada and Europe. In addition, his photo work has appeared in many consumer and trade magazines. Johnny belongs to many top professional organizations including Intercoiffure and is respected and considered an artistic genius by many of his peers. For several years he served as the Texas State Artistic Director.

The following vendors will also be exhibiting at the Conference:

The Threat of Online Retailers
James Todd, CEO, Dimples Have you ever lost a potential sale to an online retailer? Do you feel threatened by the growth and strength of online stores? If you answered "Yes" to either of the above, then join us at the AHLC 2018 Dimples class. In our class you'll get in depth information on what the online stores are doing, how they do it, and solutions on how to re-position your business to avoid competing.
The Tricotest and Protocols. Analysis and Solutions for Hair Professionals and Trichologists.
Martina Candido, Chief of Science and Trichology Scalp care is just as important as skin care. Learn how to use Cesare Ragazzi’s patented software, Tricotest ® to effectively recognize scalp conditions. With Tricotest®, you will conduct a thorough, professional, and interactive consultation for your guest, allowing them to become educated on their scalp care needs. You will learn how to effectively use specialized scientific tools that measure scalp Ph, hydration and sebum levels. By utilizing this patented software and tools you will professionally recommend to your guests effective scalp care/trichology treatment protocols. In addition, with the Tricotest software all scientific data and photographs are stored, allowing the professional to compare results, monitor treatments, and provide the guest a clear blueprint of their progress. This class will be conducted from the guest’s point of view. We will discuss and demonstrate all aspects of the consultation utilizing a combination of esthetic and scientific perspectives.
How Nutrition and Gut Effect Hair loss
Dr. Candy Lewis-Williams, ND. How Nutrition and Gut Effect Hair Loss Learn how the proper education, certification and products can help take you business to the next level. Find out How Nutrition and Gut Effect Hair loss and what you can do. Learn your peers are succeeding with USTI education and new products like growth factors and other exceptional types of treatment.
New Options in Ladies Hair Replacement Systems
Nancy Olevson, Educator We will be showcasing our Remy+ & Remy Human Hair MONO TOP & MICRO TOP line of sheer mono tops, MULTITOP line of natural scalp with cutaway bases, and MONO TOP & FRENCH TOP INTEGRATION systems with rooted, white, & multi-tonality colors to fit your every client need. Our women’s wig line will be showcasing our new STATUS gripping wig our Lace Front/French Top 25” long wigs and featuring our Virgin Russian Human Hair, Malaysian Remy+, and Chinese Remy Human Hair. Give your clients a natural appearance and renewed confidence with these beautiful, undetectable, naturally flowing, comfortable and long lasting hair replacement systems.
Measuring Your Client’s Head
Rick Kaufman, Owner • How To Know When and How To Put On Hair • Take Measurements • How to make a Taped Template • How to make a Plaster Mold • The what with, and the know-how for success!
From Consultation To Contract: Leading Your Client To Their Hair Loss Solution
Nazy Curtis 90% of your perspective clients know they need help. But are your system and products streamlined enough, so your clients can make a decision within 30 minuets to choose your service over your competitors?
The Alchemy Of Creative Thinking: Connecting Both Sides Of The Brain To Develop Maximum Creative Potential
Educator: Sherri Renée, Master Hair Architect/Designer and Fine Artist Left-brained is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective. The right brain is the root of emotions, intuition and visualization. Learn to connect both sides using various “out of the box” thinking principles and practices that will inspire a creative culture at your alternative hair workplace. Benefits include higher performance, teamwork, visual thinking, creative problem solving, innovative business strategies and developing deeper emotional bonds with your clientele.
The Mushroom Solution – The Science Behind Mushrooms And Hair Loss Prevention
Marvin S. Hausman, MD Created by Nature – Unlocked by Science Are mushrooms the key to preventing hair loss? Research from Marvin S. Hausman, MD, shows that the potent anti-oxidant Ergothioneine and Vitamin D2, unique substances produced by mushrooms, push the body toward a more balanced state. Together, they nourish cells—especially stem cells—and boost the immune defense system to reawaken dormant cells in hair, scalp, skin, nails, lashes and eyebrows, feeding the hair to help it grow and stopping hair loss. Dr. Hausman will share his research, insights, clinical applications and predictions of new therapies that will provide solutions for women and men who desire a healthier body inside and out.

The following vendors will also be exhibiting at the Conference: