Our conference is unique in that attendees are introduced to, and receive current state-of-the art education from a variety of industry leaders, educators, manufacturers, and specialists. Combined with outstanding education and business development opportunities, our conference creates an atmosphere of unity, camaraderie, networking and support. Each of the following classes will be taught twice so don’t worry about missing a thing!

Innovative Solutions for Women and Men With Hair Loss

Brandie Reyes
Educator, HairUWear

New from American Hairlines, an innovative alternative for women and viable solution for men today experiencing hair loss.

Multiple options. Multiple attachment methods. Minimal to detailed customization based on your client’s specific needs. We have the solution.

Alternative Attachment Methods for the Women’s Market

Lindsey Reinke,
Technical Services Manager and Educator

As the women’s hair replacement market continues to grow so does the need for alternative attachment methods.  Attachments are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution!  Let IHI show you unique, non-damaging attachment methods and how to educate your clients on their advantages.

The Perils of Direct Ordering

Holly Slear
Technical Director, Joli Camélón

It’s easier than ever to order wigs and partials from China… or is it? Holly Slear, Technical Director and Educator for Joli Caméléon, educates you on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to ordering direct. From the old bait and switch to 40 page quality control manuals, learn how to protect your business.

CHIAROSCURO: The Fine Art of Alternative Hair Couture

Sherri Renée
Founder, Sherri Renée & Co.

Chairoscuro is one of five quintessential principles necessary to deliver the ultimate alternative hair couture to your clientele. Our adaptation of this Renaissance painting technique brings beautiful color, depth, and realism to each creation.

Learn through applied observation and chiaroscuro techniques ~ how to flawlessly fashion an undetectable, organic and artistically rendered hair enhancement.

chi·a·ro·scu·ro: the treatment of light (“chiaro”) and shade (“scuro”) to create realism in form.

Evaluate and Identify Good vs Bad Quality Hair

Doris & Jackie Yu
Owners of HairArt Int’l, Inc.
and House of European Hair

The guessing game is over! This class will teach you the important skill of identifying good quality hair systems from an industry expert and how to communicate with your vendors.

Get useful training on minor adjustments to hair systems, how to approach the delicate nature of thinning hair with your clients and earn their trust.

Hair Loss Treatment  Today- How Growth Factors, PRP and Stem Cells are Redefining the Market.

William C. Blatter, CT

As National companies roll out PRP and Growth factors to the public, how will this affect you and how can you benefit from the next wave of hair loss treatments? AMCA & USTI Trichologist & Hair Loss Expert, he is known internationally as a leader in the Hair Loss, Hair Care and Laser industry. HLCC’s president, Mr. Blatter, has a reputation for excellence as a speaker, trainer and educator in laser and hair loss services & solutions. He is a founder & Chairmen of the Board of the USTI.

Hair Loss Cures – Hope or Hype, Updates by a Dermatologist

Malik Aheer, MD
Dermatologist, INCI Medica

The doctor will bring participants update on current, state of the art thinking, including relevant basic science and  recent advances in management of hair loss. His presentation will also touch the myths  associated with hair fall. Learn about the etiology of alopecia and know the best, updated and effective solutions to combat baldness.

The Art of the Consultation, One Man’s Perspective.

Richard N. Kaufman
Owner, Euro Hair Imports 

Everyone conducts a consultation with their own unique style and approach.  For that reason it is much more an art than a science.  However, everyone is in agreement that the goal and objective is to close the sale.  I will share with you my  approach and by the end of this class you will get a sense of my style.  And by hearing from all of you and your own experiences, maybe we can each bring something new and fresh to our consultations to better our closure rate and be even more successful.

Live Demo: Multiple Attachment Techniques with the Latest Dimples Lace Front European Hair Top Extension

Collette Peterson & James Todd
Dimples, USA

See up close, multiple attachment techniques: bonding over hair, linking, clipping…with the latest top extension from Dimples.  Featuring the most light weight base that contours to any shape of head, with a customizable lace front.  A unique solution with Dimples’ coveted Silver European hair, suitable for a multitude of different attachment methods.  Also, get a sneak peak into the two new education courses offered by Dimples, brought directly to your place of business.

Creating Awareness for the Hair Replacement Industry and Increasing New Business Through Your Doors

Ed Gawerecki,
Business Development Consultant 
Hair Visions International
The industry has done a great job during the last 40 years of keeping this industry a secret.  In today’s market this has been counterproductive, and the industry is suffering, not because there is no demand for your products and services, but because many people looking for the answers and solutions that you can provide don’t know where to find you or that you exist.  I know it seems unreal with the amount of money you spend on marketing. However, it is a real challenge that Hair Visions International has seen and has consequently foreseen some solutions.  In this class you will learn the importance of social media, the 10 Deadly Sins of Business, Programs and Services to make you a key participant in the future of the Hair Replacement Industry. We validate your challenges and we have created the solutions and want to share them with you.

Position Yourself as the Answer :: The Journey of Today’s NEW Female Client

Diana Ford- Education Manager
Emily Buckwalter- Education Coordinator

With the fast-paced evolvement of today’s alternative hair industry, clients are doing their research online before they step through your door.  Learn effective strategies to develop a strong online presence and attract clients virtually to your studio. Discover ways to position yourself in today’s industry and become the “go-to” for all hair loss concerns.  This seminar will address online and social media marketing strategies aimed toward the NEW client of today, discussing the steps of the perfect client consultation, and up-to-date product recommendations for every stage of hair loss.

Since 1927 Vapon Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer of quality products used throughout the hair replacement industry. Our insistence on quality and safety has earned us the reputation as a leader in hair-piece accessories. For wholesale pricing please contact us or call 800-443-8856 for additional information.

For retail sales please see our Authorized Re-Sellers section for a dealer in your area.

Di Biase Hair USA is a successful, fast growing wholesale distribution company servicing hair professionals in the United States with the highest quality in natural human hair extensions and accessories.

They only use the finest quality 100% Human Indian Remy hair available today, as it closely matches the texture and look of European hair types. The hair they use is painstakingly processed in the hand drawing techniques developed by Di Biase. Remy hair is “cuticle correct” which means that all of the hair lies in the same direction to prevent matting and tangling. Importantly, it is also pony tail collect, assuring that it has not been subject to stripping and recoating.

Walker Tape is now the industry leader in tape and adhesive for hair replacement systems.  This commitment to excellence has led to shipping products to customers all over the world.  The confidence and loyalty that customers show is not taken lightly.  Quality in products, people and processes has always been a top priority and remains a key part of the Walker Tape core values.


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